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Really creepy Pokèmon game hack


This is a story about a really creepy Pokèmon hack for one of the original games. It is truly a very scary story, even though it happens in a game, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because at the end of the game


you die, and that’s it. It cuts to a black screen and deletes your file. I mean, that’s what happens in games where people die, they just disappear and you don’t know what happens to them after death. Are they in Heaven/ Hell? Are they a ghost? Are they reincarnated? Are they just, well, dead? Do they just cut to a black screen, gone from existence? These are the questions that everyone asks, and these are the very questions that will never be answered. There is no dead person that has ever come back to tell us what happens, and I highly doubt there ever will be. 

But yeah, this may just be some game hack, but it does legitimately scare me. Not only because it is incredibly creepy, but it makes me scared about the future, and what death’s grip will result in for all of us.

Also, thank you, Gold, for showing this to me ;)

  • You could as well address me full name :3 -The unpredictable flying Magmar



Dragon Dance

Picture credit:

Here is an example of how easy it is to find and credit the original source of a picture. Right click the picture above, copy the image URL, and go to Click on the little camera button on the right of the search bar and paste in the URL. Click “search”. The fourth link goes to the DeviantArt page of the artist. The artist even provides a URL to the Tumblr post on her DA.

That took me less than 30 seconds to find. If you’re on Tumblr right now, you can definitely spare 30 seconds of your day to credit an artist.

Also, this picture is really cute.

I was gonna set a click trough link to the original creator but i forgot to.Thanks for remainding me

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